Our Past Projects:

Some of the major projects which the Foundation has supported in the past include:

The support of educational programs and technological update initiatives for rail related unions to promote rail and rail worker safety, education and technology.

Assisted the Northwest Railway Museum with the materials needed to finish the access portion (inside track and platforms) in their new Train Shed Exhibit Building … a place to teach, preserve and perpetuate railway history of the Northwest.

Assisted the Friends of the Furness Railroad District with a permanent exhibit entitled "The Railroad in Wilmington 1880-1910" that will be installed in the soon to be renovated Wilmington Amtrak Station.

Supported the upgrading of EXPORAIL’s outside infrastructure – making pathways handicap accessible and family friendly as well as increasing the signage and thematic information of outdoor exhibits.

Assisted several non-profit organizations in acquiring equipment needed to renovate and maintain rail cars and locomotives, adding or creating self-sufficiency, safety and cost savings to their operations.

Supported the Colorado Railway Museum with its outdoor signage project – to interpret the Museum’s equipment, the rail workers who used it, the passengers and goods who were moved by it and the building of the railroads through and around the Rocky Mountains.

Undertook a three year project that transformed the California State Railroad Museum from a rolling stock Museum to a Museum that celebrates the human side of railroading – honoring those trades men and women who built the railroads with their hard work, sacrifice and dedication. The Museum has truly become a living and breathing story of railroading from the past through to the present.

Supported the restoration and upgrade work for the Lake Mitchell Pullman Car which is the centerpiece of “The Pullman Porters: From Service to Civil Rights” exhibit created by the National Railroad Museum.

Supported several historic coach car restoration projects.

Supported the construction of several exhibits related to “railroader life and work” in several states.

Supported several interpretive projects which enhance the value of existing Railroad Museum exhibits.

Supported HAZMAT, OSHA, WMD and Radiological Transportation preparedness and safety classes for Rail Workers held at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The production of a public television documentary concerning the future of railroading in America and explores where the industry is headed in terms of both passenger and freight transportation.

Supported the development of the www.railroadheritage.org web portal, which was created by the Center for Railroad Photography and Art, in order to help bring railroad visual culture to the forefront and encourage Rail Museums and Societies to work together for the common cause of preservation and the encouragement of public access and awareness.

The construction of an educational center which features hands on learning within the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

A railroad grade crossing safety educational program that promotes public awareness of the dangers of railroad crossings in the United States and Canada.

Restoration and digitization of railroad photographs, negatives and artifacts contained in several museum collections.

The production of a documentary video concerning the technological advancements of high speed trains in Europe and how those advancements could soon have a beneficial effect on transit across North America.

The promotion of high speed rail and the safety of railroaders and the public at large in the United States through its support of three high speed rail associations.

A program to support various organizations and individuals that promote railworker safety and the safety of the general public.

The Construction of a visitors orientation and education center known as "Society in Motion", at the B&O Railroad Museum, which concentrates on the human side of railroading.

The support of the revitalization of the grounds and facilities at the Horseshoe Curve, a National Historic Landmark, in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Develop an educational program at the National Civil War Museum focused on the historic use and importance of rail transportation during the Civil War.

Support the construction of rail platforms and trackage at EXPORAIL, Canada's premier rail museum.

Support the upgrading of various rail grade crossings, from crossbucks to lights and gates in Ohio.

Our Future Project Funding:

In June of 2017, the Foundation expects to collect and review all new applications for the 2017-2018 fiscal year (October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018). Decisions on whether to approve or deny active and direct funding for these applications will be made at the July 2017 NARF Board Meeting. Quality nonprofit organizations are encouraged to apply for funding before June 9, 2017, to ensure adequate consideration of their planned projects. Please click on the "Applications" link for current copies of NARF Applications.